"I’m a big fan!"

Veronica Black & White Magazine

Congratulations! 2 of your images have been selected for the BLACK & WHITE Single Image Contest 2015. They will be published in the Special Issue #107 of BLACK & WHITE magazine in December. You can be confident your work stood out in a way that deserved this special attention. Once again, congratulations!

Staff BLACK & WHITE Magazine

Re-living OUR day. We feel touched every time we look at our wedding photo's. Each picture tells a story and is subtle and powerful in it's own way. We are so happy to have trusted Patricia to join us that day. Without a doubt one of the best choices of our lives. Thank you Patricia!

Frank & Margriet Wedding Couple

There is something wild and untamed in her that seeks expression.

Dawn Eagle Mentor, healer and facilitator

Patricia Ramaer’s stunning images have assured us of unforgettable memories of an unforgettable day. Patricia has the gift of taking breathtaking photographs without any posing. That ensures that the day and the atmosphere are superbly captured.

Emilie & Pieter Wedding couple

I am officially your biggest fan. I love your creativity and feel absolutely nothing should distract you. You are a special being with a gift the world benefits from. Everything else in your life is here to support your success. Your gift is here to change and make a difference in the world.

Carolyn Professional Trainer and Coach

Patricia’s passion to do an amazing job is unparalleled.

Ryan President MegaPartnering

Working with Patricia as a fellow photographer is not working at all. We share the same insights, passion and a mere look at each other is enough to know who's taking which shot from what angle. We think, decide and shoot as one. That's not working, that's delightful. The times we worked together, all clients were more than satisfied, they were happy! Patricia has a very open personality towards everybody she works with. She knows how to make decisive photo’s, real winners. She is the best professional photographer to work with.

Onno colleague photographer

Patricia works from the heart, so when she takes photos she isn't just a person behind the camera, she is a person experiencing the moment. Patricia captures the emotions and energy of any situation in such a powerful way that her photos will tell a story again and again and again.

Jill President American Women's Club Amsterdam

Having Patricia as our photographer completed our wedding day. She fell into place as if she were a well-loved family member. She was relaxed, thoughtful and completely in tune with us as a couple. She seemed to have the power to become invisible, while apparently being capable of being all over the place at the same time to do her magic. Our mothers were blown away by Patricia's (secret) gift to them. The entire experience with her exceeded our highest expectations. Her genuine, artistic and memorable photographs will be treasured forever.

Elske & Diederik Wedding Couple

Her attitude is superb. Patricia produces artwork of quality and exhibits creative energy in a variety of disciplines.

William Principal teacher of art and design, illustrator