Artist Statement

My art has to do with making the unseen seen and bringing forth the truth. I adore the actual act of creating, for me it is about being in the process and allowing it to evolve in an organic way, just observing what wishes to come forth. As Anish Kapoor so eloquently says, ‘The artist should get out of the way so that the real work can happen’. I endeavor to follow that sentiment. I believe that that is where the magic is. I strive to capture something deep, elemental and primal. Getting to a place before ‘words’ or without ‘descriptions’. This is why I love the rugged, raw, purist approach to photography. That is what gets me closest to this deep place. I am committed and dedicated to elevate my work to the highest level possible. I feel I still have a lot of work and a lot of playing to do! In all humbleness I believe that my best work is still to come.