Fully engaged, awake,
tuned-in, a true artist


For 45 years Patricia Ramaer has been wearing a camera around her neck and exploring the art of photography. Her commercial work has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Fonk, Quote, Seasons among others, and her fine art work is hung in private collectors throughout Europe, South Africa and North America.

A highly sought-after wedding and portrait photographer, Patricia’s list of clients includes magazine editors in chief, authors, musicians, actors, artists and chiefs of business.

Patricia Ramaer's biography

Patricia Ramaer is an internationally renowned artist and photographer, currently based half an hour away from Amsterdam, in the beach town called Zandvoort, Holland. She grew up in Britain, Canada and the Netherlands and has been constantly taking photographs since receiving her first box brownie at the age of 7. In fact, her freelance photography career began at the tender age of 14 when she would photograph her school events and sell her images to teachers, classmates and their families. She studied art at the Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Vancouver, BC. Canada and at the

Photography Academy Amsterdam, all the while continuing to work and grow as an artist and photographer. After graduation she freelanced as a graphic artist for magazines such as Elle. She is constantly brushing up with the latest courses and master classes, she has taken a Master class with Jeff Ascough. As her photography grew in demand and she dedicated herself to full-time freelancing in the corporate, wedding and portrait realms while experimenting with art photography and exhibiting her works in galleries and art fairs.

Patricia Ramaer has clocked up over 45 years of experience in the world of art and professional photography, and continues to strive to break new ground and create sensational images for her clients. Patricia has also given training to upstart companies and freelancers, and has managed and organized international seminars. On a volunteer basis she has coordinated a team of 30 plus each year at the cultural festival OEROL, as well as volunteering for de Karavaan and Over het IJ festival since 2009.

Clients include


Identity Matters | ReclameWeek | Fonk | Zij aan Zij | Instituut voor de Tropen | Vakblad | Paravisie | Photography Academy


Jildou van der Bijl (editor in chief of LINDA Magazine) | Mathilde Santing (singer, knighted by Queen Beatrix!) | Robert Vuisje (author and journalist) | Mabel van den Dungen (author, journalist and TV presenter) | Hugo Camps (author, journalist) | Matthijs van Nieuwkerk (journalist and TV presenter) | Jamie Catto (founding member of the band Faithless / award winning movie maker) | Dede Priest (blues, soul, gospel jazz singer) | Yvonne Lawalata (singer/actor) | Teun Anders (artist) | Michiel Mol (CEO Mission Control) | Nicolette Hulsebos (Managing director Fonk Magazine, Paint it Blue Magazines, ReclameWeek) | Jan van Betten (Founder Nudge, TEDx Haarlem, Summit Energy & Utilities) | George Ross (right hand man of Donald Trump) | Wayne Allyn Root (former vice presidential candidate)